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Lifting Equipment Hire in London is a special service from well-experienced  Capital Hoist Hire and Sales Ltd. We do Plan, Configure & Supply. Our lifting equipment hire service covers the following:

Hoist Operators

Safety is our priority

Our Machinery is kept at the highest standard and expertly and rigorously checked before use. All of our lifting equipment whether new or used receives an inspection prior to being sold and all machinery comes with a report of thorough examination. We are committed to providing a fast and effective service on all hired and sold items and where possible, we aim to provide same day collection within London. In addition to our fleet of access machinery, we also provide CPCS training courses and machine hire services.

Our services are available all over London. You can reach out to us via phone or social media as well.

Call: 01322 339 353

Do you have a question? Our highly trained technicians are on hand to help

Call: 01322 339 353

Do you have a question? Our highly trained technicians are on hand to help

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Lifting Equipment Hire in London

Goods Hoists in London

Goods only platform hoists are the perfect choice when dealing with limited space. They are generally tied to scaffolding structures however larger models can be directly tied to building structures. Our goods only platform hoists come in a range of sizes and lifting capacities.

Scaffold Hoists

Scaffold Hoists in London

This portable 180° scaffold hoist is good for working off scaffolding, by offering the safe transportation of materials to the work area. Very useful for working in tight spaces. Scaffold hoists are suspended using scaffolding clips, window props and gantry systems. They are perfectly suited to scaffolding work due to their excellent durability and versatility. They can be fitted with a variety of attachments including: buckets, brick baskets, barrow chains and webbing slings.

Lifting Equipment Hire in London

Runway Beams & Gantry Hoists

Lightweight equipment which is easily transferable and erectable on site. Ideal for situations in which the construction of scaffolding isn’t possible, however, beams can also be connected to scaffolding where necessary.

Gantry hoists are directly attached to runway beams that are suspended via scaffolding, or alternatively fitted securely to an A frame assembly system allowing for vertical and horizontal lifting of construction materials. Gantry hoists are often used to lift and lower materials to areas that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Runway beams, also referred to as overhead runway beams, are designed for transporting materials via a range of attachments from gantry hoists for larger scale projects to trolley system chain hoists on smaller projects.


Chain Hoists in London

A useful, reliable tool for removing the manual strain of a task, with a lifting strength of up to 5000kg. Longer height and various beam lengths available to suit any situation. A chain hoist is a construction lifting item that is suspended, usually via a beam and beam trolley, featuring a chain and hook. There are two main types of chain hoists: manual (hand chain hoist) that requires a user to pull on one end to raise the hooked object and electrical which has a user controlled motor with an up and down button,

Capital Hoist

Passenger Hoists in London

Passenger hoists are used to transport passengers, often construction workers, up to a raised platforms that would otherwise be inaccessible. Usually tied to building structures and scaffolding, passenger hoists are made up of mechanical and electrical interlocking gates and a secure cage making them a very useful means of carrying passengers up structures on site.

Hoist cages can be supplied in a variety of sizes: 2.0 – 6.2 metres long, 1.3 – 2.0 metres wide and payload between 750 – 3200Kg. With access to the cage available from three sides, hoists can be configured to suit most applications in construction and industry.

Different drive technologies and control systems are available to suit the intended use of the hoist and provide a reliable and efficient solution for your hoisting needs.

Capital Hoist

Slipform Hoists

XML M Passengers Hoist is the perfect equipment for tight access. Common versions ferry 4 to 10 people at 24m/min.

Since the car and the machinery can be taken apart, installation in courtyards or in shafts are easy and practical.

Designed as compact as possible, makes it possible to access core forms, tunnel shafts, scaffolding, site facilities, etc.

The Modular System allows for a change in hoist speed and capacity, and the configuration can even vary to change footprint and overall dimensions. The machinery can be assembled in different way to the car, either above, on the side or below.

Lifting Equipment Hire in London

Combination Hoist in London

Whereas a standard ‘goods hoists’ is limited to carrying solely materials, Combination, or twin hoists increase site efficiency by equipping two carriages. This incredible hoist uses one mast, which can carry any combination of passenger or goods carriages to fit all your needs. Cage sizes can vary depending on site requirements.

Lifting Equipment Hire in London

Lifting Equipment Hire in London

High quality lifting equipment hire in the UK

Capital Hire and Sales stock a large range of high quality lifting gear and access machinery suitable for large and small construction projects.
All of our machinery is of the highest quality and rigorously checked before use. Our hire service is available in London and across the UK.

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